The point of sale a pet product franchise

A pet shop does not require any particular characteristics; keep in mind though that square footage will have an important influence on the product offering you’ll be able to provide to your customers.

Consider the opportunity to provide additional services, which must be carried out in adequate spaces both in terms of size and in compliance with the established hygiene and safety standards (for this aspect in particular, we invite you to refer to the local health authority pet franchise

The location is also important: prefer high-traffic areas , possibly choosing a shop with several windows, to increase its visibility. For your store, make sure you prefer a place that is easy to reach and equipped with convenient parking (preferably reserved for the store itself), which will be necessary especially in the case of buying heavy products, such as dry food for dogs .

The home sale of products for animals

Until now we have considered the opening of a shop as connected to the presence of a point of sale. In reality, several franchisors have thought of a type of affiliation that provides for the sale and home delivery of products.

In this case you can save on the costs of the shop, which you will have to replace with a van . From this point of view, the indications are usually not stringent; at least for the first period, you could therefore settle for a used vehicle with a reduced range.

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The five best proposals for opening a pet product franchise

I have described to you the aspects that you should take into consideration for the opening of your new business. Finally, let’s move on to the five proposals that I have selected for you, which differ in terms of characteristics, type of shop and the advantages offered.

The company carries out home sales only: therefore it has no points of sale and its products are only available with this delivery method. The strong point of the brand is to combine sales with personalized consultancy. Affiliation requires a limited investment, with the possibility of installments.

Initial investment: 6,000 euros

Store size: Not required

Advantages: possibility of repaying the investment, consolidated brand, training and marketing initiatives.