Fix Desk vs. Flex Desk

A fix desk is a dedicated desk that is often equipped with a lockable container. Alternatively, users can use a proportion of the cupboard inside. This serviced office for rent workspace is constantly kept free for its owner and cannot be used by other coworkers.The fix desks are often housed in their own, quieter room. If you rent a fix desk, you usually get 24 hours in a day access , which means where one can function and do their duties assignedat any hour without any restrictions. The situation is different with the Flex Desk , because here you have no right to a specific desk. Everyone looks for their desk for the current day among the vacant workspaces – and who comes first, first served. The disadvantage: it may be that there are no more desks free at peak times. In addition to the daily rental of desks, more and more coworking spaces are now also offering lockable offices.

The popularity of coworking can already be seen in the strong growth of serviced office rental in recent years. The reasons are obvious: coworking not only saves costs, but is also an ideal place for networking . Thanks to their flexible rents, coworking spaces are particularly attractive for young companies and startups.  So there are many good reasons why the common office will continue to be in great demand in the future.

Economic use of resources and therefore financially cheaper

Coworking is suitable for people of all ages

Industry diversity: marketing, design, IT, programming, text and PR

The complete infrastructure for working is already in place

Concentrated knowledge is shared through networking, events and workshops.