Benefits of pork and contradictions

It  is nutritious and rich in noble proteins

The pork meat is nutritious and rich in high biological value proteins, which are essential for proper protein synthesis, for proper blood clotting, for the protection against infection. Therefore, pork benefits our whole body, heart, muscles and cells black pig meat.

Prevents cardiovascular diseases

Due to its high concentration of mineral salts and vitamins, pork, if carefully chosen in its lean cuts, can bring benefits by helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases: in particular the Vitamin B12 contained in it plays a fundamental role in the storage of fats. , it also supports liver function berkshire black pork hong kong.

Strengthens the immune system

For the substances present in it, pork also benefits the immune system: it contains a high percentage of selenium, which has an antioxidant function, but above all zinc, a mineral essential for our health that helps us defend ourselves from infections.

Pork: contraindications and undesirable effects

Although pork benefits our body and is rich in substances that are important for our health, as is the case with all foods, excessive consumption can have contraindications .

In particular, depending on the cut chosen, pork can be very fat and very rich in cholesterol: this is the case of parts such as the bowels, for example the liver, but also the brain.

For this reason, excessive use of pork should be avoided by those who are overweight, suffer from hypertension or high cholesterol: in particular, sausages are rich in salt, so it would be good to prefer the lean parts of the pig, avoiding fatty cuts.