Artificial turf over natural

Artificial turf is preferred to natural turf in many situations today. The laying and maintenance of artificial turf, its robustness and at the same time its attractive appearance of outdoor furniture hk and sensor technology make it an ideal alternative to classic turf. which combines the advantages of natural turf with a multitude of other advantages without having its disadvantages.

Artificial turf offers the perfect alternative here: the appearance of the turf can hardly be distinguished from natural turf, but the various types that we have on offer also enable sensors that can hardly be distinguished from real turf. For example, the sand filling ensures a pleasant feeling, natural freshness and, in the end, an experience that even surpasses the original. Artificial turf combines the positive properties of natural turf with several other advantages:

Artificial grass in the garden

It is easy to care for and also suitable for heavy use, e.g. by children. Due to the robust material, it can easily be used as a ball game surface, etc. Setting up paddling pools is also unproblematic.

The artificial grass hong kong in the garden is suitable for allergy sufferers because it does not develop pollen etc. and meets the strictest environmental standards. Likewise, there are no problems with moles or pests, so that pets are not affected by pests, e.g. B. ticks are attacked.

Artificial turf is also widely used in animal enclosures or dog kennels. In addition to the advantage that no pests such as ticks etc. can nestle there, the animals perceive the artificial turf as a pleasant surface that is in no way inferior to a natural lawn. Its robustness, colourfastness and the good possibility of cleaning forgive even the one or the other small and large “business” of the animals.