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byManas, octubre 29, 2014
I agree wholeheartedly!a0 It is the lower wage eaerrns who show loyalty to the UC since they keep working even when they don't have a contract, unlike the executives and senior management group who threaten to leavea0for other institutions when they don't get their 10-20% increases (and other perks not available to rank and file).a0 There are reasons why generally they stick around for only 5-7 years and then move on to another institution, and it is not just for an increase in pay.a0 SMG and execs are generally 100% vested for full retirement pay after such short periods of time.a0 Stay at Institution A for 5-7 years, get a 100% pay for retirement, move on to Institution B, do the same, move to Institution C, etc.a0 Come retirement time, collect full retirement paychecks from all of them.a0 Nice way to go, and I have no problem with that.a0 But, by the same token, some respect for similar compensation ought to be given to all employees. [url=]yaupzorihyc[/url] [link=]swwqlgwbcxr[/link]
byArely, octubre 29, 2014
Just a line that Allah is God? Nope.Part of the song that they sang: Allah is God, we recall at dawn. Praying til night dnruuig Ramadan.At this joyful time we pray happiness for you. Allah will be with you your whole life through. Jesus name is never specifically mentioned in the song. Not once The song has vague references about a child at the manger but that is all.If those second graders had to sing that Jesus Christ is God He will be with you your whole life through , would you have a problem with it?If you don't have a problem with the kids singing to Allah, then you can't have a problem with kids singing to Jesus in a public school. But liberals don't work or think that way. They would have a problem with kids singing in a public school that Jesus is God. They don't have a problem with kids singing in a public school that Allah is God. Liberals say that they promote inclusiveness, then they turn around and exclude Christianity and Jesus.People had better wake up and push for the exact opposite that liberals want to happen in this country.
byTadeusz, octubre 27, 2014
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