The way to become a company   secretary

The process in which the new or the existing business registers as the limited company is called the incorporation.The company is considered as the legal entity and it is with a separate identity with one who runs or owns it and the corporate secretarial service Singapore like that it can incorporate many companies and are with the liabilities companies where the liability members are limited by the shares and by the guarantee.  The business will operate as a limited company until it can be incorporated. The establishing with the documents and every such as the annual accounts and with confirmation statements.

Who canincorporate :

The Visa service singapore may involve one or more persons which can from the company and for any kind of lawful purposes by subscribing the names in the memorandum of the association and the in the process the law persons will also be included as the individuals and the with confirmation of the agreement will form the company. The children under sixteen cannot be included and they cannot be taken as the legal capacity who can enter into the contract. The registrant won’t normally accept the applied application for the incorporation and if found the age is less legal action may be taken.

Summing up :

All the legal procedures should be followed as per the agreement and strict guidelines will be maintained for the incorporation process and to make the legal undertaking. The children under sixteen cannot  be included and they cannot be taken as the legal capacity  who can enter  into the contract